Did you buy authentic MusclePro? Musclepro Authentic products at musclepro.com – Musclepro Authentic products at musclepro.com – Beware of imposters bodybuilding fitness

MusclePro ™  and Musclepro.com started back in 1998 helping men reach beyond their goals of health and fitness. If it doesn’t have the MusclePro ™  logo on the label or the website, its not the real MusclePro ™ !

MusclePro prides themselves in offering effective ingredients and honest helpful service. 


Many of those copycats with sites that trick you to order a trial bottle for $3 and then wack you $99 15 days later on the same credit card are using what is called “Enrolling you in a recurring billing charge program” where they send you a month supply every 30 days until you cancel the subscription. 

In many states, including California, these sites that use this feature are unlawful if the TERMS AND CONDITIONS are NOT present, 

a) It shall be unlawful for any business that makes an automatic renewal offer or continuous service offer to a consumer in this state to do any of the following:

(1) Fail to present the automatic renewal offer terms or continuous service offer terms in a clear and conspicuous manner before the subscription or purchasing agreement is fulfilled and in visual proximity, or in the case of an offer conveyed by voice, in temporal proximity, to the request for consent to the offer. If the offer also includes a free gift or trial, the offer shall include a clear and conspicuous explanation of the price that will be charged after the trial ends or the manner in which the subscription or purchasing agreement pricing will change upon conclusion of the trial. 

This paragraph explains the “LOOP-HOLE” most of the these copycat MusclePro sites are using to get you to sign up for their recurring billing “Money Grab” from your credit card.

HOW? They simply design their website so that it is virtually impossible for you to find their terms and conditions link that explains you will be hit with a $99 charge after 15 days and every 30 days after!

MusclePro and Musclepro.com and its affiliates have never used this method of billing and find that it is a very deceptive business practice. bodybuilding Musclepro Authentic products at musclepro.com – Beware of imposters

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